How to Define Value When It Comes to Your College Decision

Each spring, high school seniors face one of the biggest decisions and financial investments they will make in their lives: where to go to college. Many factors make up this decision to ensure the college choice is the right academic, social and financial fit. At Emmanuel, the Office of Student Financial Services partners with students […]

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3 Time Management Tips for Academic Success

Every year during summer orientation, I have the opportunity to gain feedback from all incoming students about their greatest academic concern as they transition to college. And year after year, the most popular concern is this: time management. Students entering college are often used to having their time scheduled for them in a predictable, structured […]

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The Myth of the Writer as Genius

  • Mary Elizabeth Pope
  • April 4, 2019

One of the first things students considering a major in writing need to understand is that they do not have to be geniuses to be good writers. The myth of the writer as genius is probably the single greatest obstacle that otherwise interested, talented and hardworking students have to overcome to pursue a career path […]

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