How to Identify a Robust Career Center

Every September, a new group of students embarks on their first year of higher education. Filled with excitement and nerves, they leave home and venture into the beginning stages of true independence. From meeting new friends to finding their classrooms, college begins with a flurry of unknowns. Each of them will say they are attending […]

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Emmanuel students take advantage of one-on-one interactions with Career Center staff and the many unique opportunities presented by the College's location in the heart of Boston.

How to Know Your College Career Center is Committed to Your Long-term Success

As an experienced career development professional and all-around networking enthusiast, I’ve seen firsthand that not all college career centers are created equal. One of an effective career center’s most crucial functions is to create awareness and build relationships with potential employers. Below are five ways a career center’s employer relations team should work to help students and alumni find professional success while attending college—and long after. […]

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