Communication and the College Interview: Two Steps to Set You Apart

Communication is key. Especially when it comes to how prospective college students interact with the colleges in which they are interested. In this instance, communication can come in multiple forms, whether it be through campus tours, open house and information sessions, interviews, social media, chats with faculty and staff, or more. No matter the setting, […]

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virtual college experience

Understanding a Campus Community: Utilizing Virtual Panels

As college campuses have made the transition to online learning and virtual platforms, finding new ways to connect with current students and understand the campus community is important. Many colleges are offering virtual information sessions and panel discussions, which are great ways to hear from current students as well as administrators, faculty and staff at […]

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college search admissions

3 Tips to Ace the College Search Process

As an Admissions professional, I have seen firsthand the many ways students and families begin their college search process. Some start early. Some start late. Some students even start the process through osmosis by being dragged along throughout their older siblings’ search. Regardless of where you fall in this mix, remember there is no wrong […]

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How to Define Value When It Comes to Your College Decision

Each spring, high school seniors face one of the biggest decisions and financial investments they will make in their lives: where to go to college. Many factors make up this decision to ensure the college choice is the right academic, social and financial fit. At Emmanuel, the Office of Student Financial Services partners with students […]

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tips to consider as you navigate the college athlete recruitment process

How to Recruit Yourself for College Athletics

So, you want to continue to play a sport in college but you’re just not sure how to go about the college recruiting process. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one wondering how to keep your athletic career alive at the next level. In fact, only about 10 percent of high school athletes go on […]

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A college's location is a key differentiator in your college search

Why Location Matters to Your College Search and Career Goals

Location, location, location. Maybe you’ve heard this phrase uttered in relation to real estate, however, it’s just as important when comparing college campuses. Considering the fact that buying a home and paying for your college education are two of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your life, getting the greatest bang for you buck […]

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