Teaching through Travel: How Short, Immersive Experiences Abroad Enhance Classroom Learning

It’s difficult to argue the benefits of study abroad for college students—cultural immersion, language skills, new friends and professional connections, personal development and, for some, graduate school and career opportunities. But many students are unable to dedicate an entire semester to traditional international travel, due to financial constraints or an already rigorous course load. Since […]

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The Myth of the Writer as Genius

  • Mary Elizabeth Pope
  • April 4, 2019

One of the first things students considering a major in writing need to understand is that they do not have to be geniuses to be good writers. The myth of the writer as genius is probably the single greatest obstacle that otherwise interested, talented and hardworking students have to overcome to pursue a career path […]

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My BackStory: History Through Popular Media

“Just put the headphones on and wait for someone to speak to you,” said the friendly woman who oversees the University of New Hampshire’s television and radio studios. Her smile revealed that she knew I was a wee bit nervous.  Being a “first-in-the-nation” state means once every four years our sleepy little college town, Durham, […]

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